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* New Business Name (Same People, Just New Name)

Why the name change from One Visit Media to VADCON?

1) Through the years we have gotten away from media products as our main focus has been on our connectivity products.

2) Our business name was mis-pronounced quite frequently - we were often referred to as One VISTA Media, One Stop Media, or even One Visit Medical.

What does VADCON mean?

VADCON comes from our main business focus - Video Audio Data CONnectivity

* New Location

We now have a larger facility, which also allows for local pickups.

* New Toll Free 800 Number (Old Numbers Still Work!)


* New Products Added

Many, Many new products have been added to the new site - and we are still adding!

* New Quantity Discount Added

Quantity Discounts are visible and automatically entered into the shopping cart.

* New Shipping Calculator with More Shipping Options

New shipping calculator automatically calculates all shipping options.

* New International Shipping Calculator.

New international Shipping Calculator for worldwide shipping.