4 Sided Round Mic Flags

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Common Questions & Answers for Mic Flags
Question Answer
Question Mark Will these fit my microphone? Measure your microphone's diameter - The largest diameter possible for each mic flag is shown. CLICK HERE FOR HELP
Other Mic Flags Available? Blank & Custom - 3 Sided Rectangle - 3 Sided Square - 4 Sided Rectangle - 4 Sided Square - 4 Sided Round
Blank Mic Flags In Stock? Blank Mic Flags are generally in stock and ready to ship - feel free to contact us to confirm your immediate needs.
Custom Mic Flag Production Time? Custom Mic Flags require 4 to 5 Business Days - Selecting Express Shipping expedites delivery, not production.

4 Sided Round Microphone Flags
Available in the following sizes and colors
Diameter Mic Hole Size Color Stock Number
2.25" 1.625" Diameter White MF51-WH
2.25" 1.625" Diameter Black MF51-BK

2.50" 1.625" Diameter White MF52-WH
2.50" 1.625" Diameter Black MF52-BK

Mic Hole Size shows the largest possible diameter point at which a microphone will fit.