Modular Advantage Floor Box Info

Modular Advantage Floor Box - "Exploded View"
Floor Box Side
The Large Floor Box - The "Modular Advantage"

Purchase Assembled Boxes - or Build Your Own!

Heavy Duty Steel Construction - Tapered Edge - Black Powder Coat Finish

Each Modular Advantage Floor Box consists of 6 pieces - the Lid - 2 Sides - 2 Ends - the Bottom.

Every box uses 2 identical sides and a lid.
The 2 ends and the bottom are interchangeable to allow for unlimited configurations/changes.


We also list individual ends and bottoms which will allow you to build your own box.

1) Add the 2 Sides & Lid Package to your cart.

2) Shop for your first box End and add to cart.

3) Shop for your second box End and add to cart.

4) Shop for your box bottom and add to cart.

5) Add a note in the cart's message box if you want us to put it together for you.

For example: You could get 1 end with 4 XLR connectors - another
end with 8 BNC connectors and then a bottom with 4 Cat 6 couplers.

Please keep in mind that - just because you "CAN" doesn't always mean you "SHOULD".
You can wind up with so many connectors in the box that you may not be able to plug cables into all of your connectors.
8 Speakons in one end, 8 Speakons in the other end, and 8 Speakons in the bottom may sound
like a great idea - until you try to plug in 24 Speakon cables at the same time.... plan ahead!

This "Modular Advantage" allows you to easily change the ends or bottom if your needs change in
the future - without having to purchase an entire new box you'll certainly save time and money!
In most cases you won't even have to remove the box from the floor to change out the parts!

Modular Advantage Floor Box
Panels Made In The USA by VADCON

Floor Box End

Floor Box Bottom

Floor Box End

Floor Box Side

Floor Box Lid