20 AMP Duplex Floor Box

Pop Up 20 Amp Duplex GFCI Receptacle

Stainless Finish - Includes Adjustable Backer Box

"Pop Up" to access receptacles only when needed - snap closed with a retractable locking hasp.
We are offering this floor box power solution for a few reasons:
1) We will not mix power with audio or video in the floor boxes that we manufacture - mostly for safety reasons.
2) Audio, Video, and/or Data signals in the same box as power is not recommended.
3) Most Local, State, and Federal Codes do not allow power receptacles in the same box as audio, video, and/or data.
4) Please note that these boxes are NOT UL Listed.

Front with attached backer box

Right Side with attached backer box

Back with attached backer box

Left Side with attached backer box

Top view open

Top view closed

Backer Box and underside of lid

Backer Box

20 AMP Duplex GFCI Floor Box
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