SMA Wall Plates - Loaded with Female to Female Bulkheads

Wall plates with mounting holes 16" on center designed for mounting between studs.
Works great in any wall - your media closet, studio, control room, even the wall of a road case!
Optional Wall Mount Brackets are available for situations where 16" on center stud mounting is not possible.

SMA Female to Female Bulkhead 1/4D Mount
SMA Female to Female Bulkheads
Panels Made In The USA

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Wall Plate sizes and connector spacing? The Wall Plate dimensions and connector spacing can be viewed here - Wall Plate Specs
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At this time we do not have any wall plates designed exclusively to hold SMA Bulkheads.
However, we do have some solutions that make SMA Bulkhead Wall Plates possible.

1) SMA Bulkheads mounted in an adapter plate will fit into any XLR type Wall Plate.

2) SMA Module Plates will fit into any Modular Advantage Wall Plate.

3) We can produce a True Custom SMA Bulkhead Wall Plate.