Wiring Diagrams - Neutrik Connectors

NCJ6FIS Wiring XLR/TRS Combo 3 Pin XLR Wiring NC3FDL NC3MDL

Solderless Panel Mount XLR
Solderless XLR Wiring NC3FDLS NC3MDLS

Strip wire insulation off ¼” - using the proper size stripper tool for your wire gauge.

Insert wire into the appropriate hole and tighten screw to secure wire.
It is important that you choose a screwdriver that is not too large for the opening.
When securing the wire with screw, once resistance is felt stop! then turn ¼ turn to secure.
Over tightening will sheer off the copper wire and you’ll have to start again.

If you are having a difficult time trying to secure the wire when using a smaller gauge wire (24-26 gauge) try removing
3/8” insulation and folding wire over - this may make things easier by doubling the amount of copper you are securing.

Speakon Wiring

NYS229 Wiring Diagram & NYS230 Wiring Diagram