Tracking Info

Most packages will ship via FedEx - Some are shipped via USPS.
Tracking info is emailed to the email address entered at the time of order for both FedEx and USPS.
If you didn't get a tracking email from FedEx or USPS please check your spam folder.

If your package was shipped via USPS you can track it at

Use the form below to track your package via FedEx - in order to use the form you'll need:
The Order Number - The Shipping Country - The Shipping Zip Code

1) At *Reference - Enter your order number
2) Ship Date - Can be left blank, or adjusted as needed
3) Destination Country - Enter the country the order is shipping to
4) Destination Postal Code - Enter the postal/zip code the order is shipping to
5) Press the "Track" button

If you get no results feel free to for tracking info - you'll need at least the order number.