Cable Making Equipment

For cable stripping we use everything from a hand-held stripper to one of our many programmable, precision strippers from Schleuniger.
Canare Hand Held Strippers
Schleuniger HC207Schleuniger Unistrip 2100Schleuniger Unistrip 2015
Schleuniger HC207 - Schleuniger Unistrip 2100 - Schleuniger Unistrip 2015
Schleuniger MP257Schleuniger CS5400
Schleuniger MP 257 - Schleuniger CoaxStrip 5400

For cable crimping we use hand-held crimpers or one of our precision pneumatic crimpers.

Heat Shrink & Labeling
For labeling we use the Rhino 6000 and for Heat Shrink we use one of our heat shrink "ovens".
Rhino 6000Focus Lite FL10Focus Lite FL80

For soldering we use various soldering stations and our Pace Fume Extraction System.
Pace Evac Fume Extractor