Foam Flammability - Information

Are the sound absorption products fire retardant?
Yes, all of our sound absorption products have fire retardants chemically added to the foam's formula.

What would happen if the sound absorption products were exposed to fire?
The foam will smolder and smoke, but it will not burst into flames.
After the source of fire is removed, the foam will burn slowly and have a high probability to "self-extinguish.”

What information is needed to pass my building codes?
The foam has been tested in accordance with ASTM E84 and NFPA 255 for surface burning and meets a "Class A" or "Class 1" standard.
This is accepted by most building codes, but be sure to check requirements in your area before installation.

VADCON does not encourage exposing foam to extreme heat or fire - this would be considered a misuse of the products.