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Our stock Floor Box Menu features floor boxes loaded with the same connector loaded throughout the entire floor box.

Often a floor box with multiple connector types and/or a non-standard layout is required - below are the options for custom floor boxes.

Custom Floor Box Options

1) Utilize a stock floor box

As many different connectors will fit the same size hole it is possible to put multiple types of connectors in the same stock floor box.
Additionally, a unique feature our stock floor boxes is the interchangeable ends and bottoms which allow for unique configurations and future changes. We can also utilize our Module Plate and Adapter Plate floor box ends which will allow even more configuration possibilities. If this option is possible we can most likely produce your custom layout within 1 to 2 business days.

2) Produce a True Custom Floor Box

If the option above will not suit your needs then we would have to produce a true custom floor box.
True custom floor boxes involve design and production time which will average 3 to 4 weeks to completion.

How to request a quote for a Custom Floor Box

PLEASE NOTE: If calling, our sales staff can certainly help you with questions and concerns about custom projects.
Quotes may not be able to be given over the telephone, especially for option 2.
The sales staff is not involved in the true custom quoting or production process which can be quite involved.

First Step: Review the 2 basic options above for producing custom floor boxes.

Second Step: Follow the steps below to email us your quote request.

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