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Custom Products

Custom Products are a large part of our business. We quote, design and produce custom products every day.
Many custom items are simple variations of stock products, while others are more involved true custom designs.
Laser cutters in our metal shop allow us to produce your custom design. Once production is complete we can load and label your custom product.

The most efficient way to start the quoting process is to determine which product category you require.
Quite often a product is referred to by multiple names.
We need to determine what product you want, and what term we use for it.
Review the basic custom categories below and click the appropriate link to review the options.

Custom Patch Panels

Custom Patch Panel

Patch Panels are typically 19" wide. Patch Panels generally mount in an equipment rack or a road case. Wall mounting is also an option.

Custom Patch Panel Options

Custom Wall Plates

Custom Wall Plate

Wall plates are typically 16 3/4" wide. Wall Plates are designed to be mounted over an opening in the wall to studs 16" on center.

Custom Wall Plate Options

Custom Enclosures

Custom Wired Enclosure

Enclosures with connectors front and rear - wired inside. Wired Enclosures mount in equipment racks or road cases.

Custom Enclosure Options

Custom Face Plates

Custom Face Plates

Face Plates - Generally Stainless Steel and mount to a gang box in a wall - similar to a light switch, or outlet plate.

Custom Face Plate Options

Custom Floor Boxes

Custom Floor Boxes

Floor Boxes - Stage Boxes.
A box designed to be mounted in a hole cut into a floor or stage.

Custom Floor Box Options

Custom Cables

Custom Cables

Audio, Video, and Data Cables.
Custom configurations for cable ends and cable lengths.

Custom Cable Options

True Custom

True Custom Panel Enclosure

Anything that doesn't quite fit into one of the above categories.

True Custom Products

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