Easy way to determine what the diameter of your microphone is:

1) Lay your microphone on a piece of paper.

2) Draw a line on each side of your microphone.

3) Remove the microphone from the paper.

4) Measure where you want the top of the mic flag to be - this will tell you the diameter of the microphone at that point.

In our example the diameter would be 1 1/4" (1.25") where we want the top of mic flag to be.

On our web pages we show the maximum diameter microphone that will fit in each mic flag.

Based on our measurement of 1.25" this means that the microphone will fit in any of our mic flags.
(1.25" is less than any of the measurements of 1.375", 1.50", 1.625", 1.875", and 2.00")

Mic Hole Size
up to 1.375" Diameter
up to 1.50" Diameter
up to 1.625" Diameter
up to 2.00" Diameter

Mic Hole Size shows the largest possible diameter point at which a microphone will fit.