Mic Flag Image Tips/Guidelines

Let's say that the image below is the image you have.

As is, this image is rectangular and is 3 times wider than it is tall - so the ratio is 3 to 1.

The image can be made bigger or smaller - BUT - the 3 to 1 ratio always stays the same.

Here is a basic diagram of the shapes
and size ratios of our mic flag sides.
Here's how the image above will appear on
our flags, when resized (same ratio) to fit.

Note that the image does not fill the entire flag - there is mic flag showing on all sides of the image -
this is due to the image's shape and size ratio - many prefer this centered appearance.

If one wanted the logo to "fill" the entire flag - this is called "full bleed"  - the image would have to be re-worked.

The image will have to be reworked to add more background - like this:

This is how a reworked image can fill the entire mic flag.

Image Backgrounds

Don't forget that your image includes any background still showing - on the left the image has a white background still showing,
which makes the image file sent to us a rectangular image - this rectangular image is what we will print and apply to your mic flag.
If you don't want the white background included you will have to remove it to look like the image on the right.